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What age does my child have to be to enroll?



We accept students from 18 months - 5 years of age, or until they start kindergarten. 


What is the student teacher


California state requirement is 12:1 but we keep our classes to 6:1 (preschool 1) and 8:1 (in all other classes).


What is the educational philosophy and teaching method?

Our philosophy and method can be best described as emergent. We believe students learn best when they are interested and engaged. We believe education should be fun and interactive.


Is lunch provided for the students?


We provide snacks but not lunch. 


Is Learning Lab closed during the summer months?



In keeping with our value of being parent centric, we are an all year around school.


Do we have to be Christians to be able to enroll?

We are true to our Christian beliefs and values but all are welcomed. Not only will we accept you into our program but will also love on you as family as well.


Is Learning Lab affiliated with Woodbridge Community Church? 


No. Although we know the church and its staff well, we are not affiliated. We are two separate entities. We just rent out their facility.


Are there currently any
spots available? 

Given the number of different scheduling options that we provide, the best way to answer this question would be for you to schedule a tour.

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