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With close to 17,000 sq ft., we have one of the largest play areas amongst the preschools in Irvine. This area serves as our outdoor classroom and lab, where students get to engage the world around them in a fun and active way. Not only are they having fun running around and playing on the play structures, they are also learning to develop prosocial behaviors, learning how to communicate their emotions, and working on their motor skills as well. Void of any computing devices, it is on the playground where they are learning life’s most valuable lessons: sharing, kindness, fair play, empathy, etc.



As great as Bible stories and songs may be, we do not want them to be just information for our students. Our goal in Christian education is for the information to lead to transformation. We want our students to know that God loves them so much and that God created each and every one of them for a unique purpose. We want them to be aware of their amazing gifts and talents so that they can bless each other and to impact the world for good. 



Children are innately inquisitive and enamored with the question “Why?”. It is so important that we keep answering their questions so that they will become lifelong learners. We do this through STEAM. Everyday our students engage in a different aspect of STEAM. Through the lessons and experiments not only are they learning about the world around them today, but also being prepared for a new tomorrow. The analytical skills and critical thinking they are developing today will serve as an invaluable guide for their future.




At Learning Lab Preschool, our curriculum is built on the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education, Christian education, and outdoor play. Each serves a crucial component in helping to develop a child who is intellectually curious, emotionally healthy, and physically fit. 

As member of the Irvine school district's kindergarten articulation board, we ensure our curriculum is aligned with kindergarten expectations to promote a positive educational experience for our students and to ensure that they will be well prepared for kindergarten and beyond. 

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